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Guess what? So Pretty! Crochet is officially on sale right here on amazon and here on the Chronicle Books site! It feels downright surreal that the book is actually on sale after the long process that was involved in getting to this point—if my math is correct, it’s been just about 3 years since I had the idea that sparked the So Pretty! series (I’m currently proofing the galleys for the second book, which is filled to the brim with lovely felt crafts).

The pr efforts for the book are just getting started and if you want to hear me talk about one of my early craft projects, the project that took me the longest to make, and more about my crafting style, check out this interview that I did over on Craft Foxes.

I also have a guest post up on Whip Up where the lovely Kathreen gave me the chance to talk about my relationship with crafting.

And while this is unrelated to crafting, you can find out a bit more about my food interests in a post all about me (including my favorite kitchen gadget, which I think is always telling!) on the Better Homes & Gardens tumblr page.

I’ll be sharing more guest posts and interviews soon—which is what I’ve been working on behind the scenes, besides letting the baby continue cooking away and getting the house ready for her arrival.

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